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New ColorQuick700 interface adds fully automatic batch scanning for Sigma interface equipped Screen Scanners

Electronic Imaging Systems manufactures scanner interfaces, scanner RIP interfaces, and imagesetter RIPs. Our advanced scanner and RIP interface connects traditional drum scanners and recorders to desktop publishing computers.

Scanner Interfaces: The EIS line of High End Scanner Interfaces for Linotype-Hell (now Heidelberg) and Dainippon Screen scanners allow quick and efficient direct scanning from high-end scanners to the Macintosh for the professional pre-press industry. Among our products are the ColorPath interfaces for the Hell Digital and Analog Scanners, the ColorPath380 and ColorPath300 interfaces sold by Linotype-Hell.

RIPs for Scanners: The EIS ColorQuickRIP interface makes it possible to use the large record drum capability of your scanner or recorder to make PostScript images for a fraction of the cost of a conventional imagesetter. Our scanner RIP hardware interface is combined with a PowerPC Harlequin Level 3 software RIP, freeing you from the constraints of a fixed expensive proprietary hardware RIP platform.

RIPs for Imagesetters: ColorQuickRIP can be used to drive many imagesetter makes and it is the perfect solution for upgrading outdated older slow hardware RIPs.

RIPs for Epson and H-P Inkjet Printers: Match the acclaimed color output of the Epson Stylus Pro® 9000 and 5000 color inkjet printers with the Harlequin RIP to produce contract quality lithographic proofs. We feature complete systems, consisting of the RIP software, Stylus Pro Printer, and an iMac Computer, or buy the components individually.

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